Suzuki XN85 Decal Set

Below here are all the xn85 decals for the entire bike including stripes in the "original size and exact shape". They are all complete in vector format. What does this mean to you, well you can take the files (Adobe Illustrator - if they don't support Illustrator we will convert them to a supported format) to your local print shop and have them print the decals out in any color you want on a "cutter printer". Or if you have a spare $799 laying around you can go buy your own printer and make as many decals as you want of any kind.

The decals are supposed to be in stock form Navy Blue and Red! The items listed below are just the outlines of each word or stripe. Below is an example of such format. This gives you the freedom to make the decals in any color you want.

Front Fairing Stripes:

"Turbo" Tail Section End Over Brake Light:

Side "Turbo" Air Vent:

Side Panel Stripes over XN85 Decal:

Tail Section Stripes:

"OBURT" Front Fairing:

"XN85" Side Panel:

"Suzuki" Gas Tank:

Full Floater Suspension:

Adjustable Preload:

Eye-catching, simple and easy to use. The STIKA quickly creates graphic lettering for a variety of applications.

Design a graphic on your PC using the Dr. Stika Plus software (comes with it for free).

Print it. The Stika accurately cuts out your design.

Peel away the excess vinyl.

Apply the graphic.
You're done!

Stika Vinyl Cutter Specifications:



MAX. CUTTING AREA   9.813" x 39.313"
(250mm x 1000mm)
(280 mm - 305 mm)
FEED RATE   0.50"/second to 1.50"/second
(12mm/sec.) - (40mm/sec.)
INTERFACE   Parallel (Centronics)
(W x D x H)
  16.50" x 5.813" x 3.813"
(419 mm x 174 mm x 95.5 mm)
WEIGHT   4.4 lbs. (2 kg)
  Temperature: 41║-104║F
(5-40║ deg. celsius)
Humidity: 35-80% (no condensation)
ACCESSORIES   Dr. STIKA PLUS SOFTWARE for Windows« 95, STIKA DRIVER for Windows« 95/98/NT, Blade holder, Blade, AC adaptor, Material for test cuts, Application tape for test cuts, User's manual