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I just got another XN85 in for sale and it is a complete (running) bike with Tax & Mot, I plan on breaking this bike (get it fast as a whole bike as it looks clean, don't let mark 0part out another beauty like this). Mark, Email: mark1motorcycles@blueyonder.co.uk (Verified 1-11-04) (Frame Number 100739)


Gentlemen a ladies of course! I have decided to sell the infamous 'Rick Main" XN 85 Turbo that I am in possession of at this time. Due to the generous nature of this web site, Robert and his continuing support as well as the others on the chat forum I really hope that a "true believer" will purchase this bike. It first appeared on Ebay in Nov. of last year and I bought it for a song, that song took me almost 6 months to actually take possession of the bike. Several of the members will remember bidding on the bike and backing off the auction after seeing the feedback for this individual. All this being said the bike is super nice, a good runner, the turbo working as it should, no chafing from a slide/drop etc. The known flaws on the bike are as follows. 1) The brake fluid reservoir looks like there have been spills of fluid on it, ie. most of the paint is gone. (2) the seat has taken on that "slick" look that comes with use (3) There is a tab broken on the right side, middle body work, upper left, (4) I have replaced the stock windshield with a new Gustaffson unit (5) the exhaust has been epoxied but works, on the canister area is the repair, the bar ends are are painted not having the original covers on them and lastly I have replaced the mirrors with new unit, but have the originals that come with the bike. $3000.00, what I have in the bike buys it. Please email me at  chipw@defenderservices.com if you are truly interested. Thanks Robert and the rest of the XN 85 loyals. Chip (gamecock) (Verified 10-7-03) (Frame Number 100215)



Suzuki XN85 with only 4300 miles on the clock, Mine is still stock but one day soon I hope to find more power. Robert Fornwalt Email: yankeebob@dejazzd.com (Verified 8-3-03) Frame Number 100249

Krockad Suzuki XN85 -83 säljes hel eller i delar.
Gaffel, front, instrumentering och sadel kass.
Resten är fräscht. Nya däck, nya bromsbelägg, fina fälgar, liten repa i tanken, fräsh motor (några små repor i sidokåporna annars helt OK).

Efter närkontakt med en hjort så skrotas nu min XN, behöver du delar till din Xn eller om du håller på att renovera din Xn så är detta tillfället att hitta massor med bra delar.
Den har gått 6000 mil och var i mycket bra kondition före olyckan.

Ring eller maila för mer info, fler bilder med högre upplösning kan mailas.

Johan Edelsvärd
johan@edelsvard.com (Verified 8-4-03) Frame Number 100401


Jonathan Saunders "Underdark" Custom Engine guards from an early GS. Frame Number #100521, New Owner Dave "Fastbyme" Dunlop from the U.K. (Verified 7-21-03)


1983 Suzuki XN 85 TURBO . Low mile 3500 mil, excellent condition. Katana styling. The bike is in Sweden. Price $2200. (Dollar) The Paint is blue and in good condition too. (October 2002) Email: kent.cederkvist@network.vattenfall.se (Verified 6-24-03)


Well This bike went for auction on Ebay and didn't sell for what ever reason it doesn't matter. The bike looks to be clean and is priced to sell. Please contact Lance at as he said the lowest he can take is $2000 for this bike, now that's a steal. Email: Lance lancer22@bigplanet.com (Verified 6-23-2003)

I don't speak all these languages but here is another.

Suzuki XN85 Turbo Pris 17000.- Thorbjörn
5700 mil, 2 Givi packboxar ingår. Bes. till sept.-02

Epost:: thorilla@telia.com Tele: 036-377423 (Verified 6-23-2003)

Hi I have just got a XN85 in for spares.

if you would like to pass this on to your members.

www.mark1motorcycles.co.uk cheers Mark. (Verified 6-4-03)


Contact Meldrew for More Information:

Hi Robert Happy new year .have some news on your little black box.its the turbo cdi checker that all Suzuki GB dealers had to buy at a cost of £900.crazey eh.Have spoken to Kate Bardsley of Bardsley spares in North Wales UK. She has some left at £50 and about £50 to send to the States.Kate is getting back to me with the correct price . les@re5m.freeserve.co.uk  March 19th 2003

XN85-Turbo/2300 mil
Annonsnummer: 222 Datum: 2002-09-22
Kontakt: Michael Lillevars
gröna vägen 16B
44832, floda
sverige Telefon: 030230107
E-mail: MIKE17@SWIPNET.SE Posted January 2003


Finns det intresse av att köpa en Xn 85 så har jag en till salu, den har gått 2300 mil!
Mkt välvårdad originalnycklar historik, besiktningspapper!
Maila eller ring!
Michael (Verified 5-16-03) new Owner Torben from Denmark Frame Number: 100156

hi robert, not been on for a while been busy building bikes left right and centre , ive just bought hagars bike, so im lookin forward to rebuilding that to standard condition , with a little more boost , ill let u know whats in all the boxes i bought when they get here theres two engines with all electrics and turbos plus complete mint bodykit in suzuki wrappers still , plus 7 boxes of various spares for the xn ................ttfn dave

(Verified 5-11-03) new Owner Dave Dunlop "Fastbyme" frame Number: 100502

Stock except for Gustaffson windscreen, Fox shock and Telefix fork brace. Clean and well-cared-for. Bike has 31,000 miles, but Carry Andrew (Hypercycle) went through it about 8000 miles ago...new cylinder and pistons. Runs great. This bike is clean and complete, but shows normal wear. I also have some original XN85 brochures and tech manuals that are included for $3600. And if you're Old School, I have an '83 1100 Katana available...package deal??? Wouldn't mind trades if you have a Kawasaki Mule, old (nice) 4X4 truck or nice tractor. Contact Nick Ienatsch ( japcfp@aol.com ) or call 702-568-6503.

(Verified 5-6-03) new Owner is Steve Schilling from Wisconsin U.S.A.

SUZUKI XN85 TURBO 22K miles, very nice condition. $3,000. Owner's manual and a comprehensive Shop Service Manual included. Pat Hughes: 1-800-800-2812 Ext. 203. lhughes_1@email.msn.com (Verified 1-1-02).