Places To Buy Parts

Below are companies you can still buy parts from. If you know of companies who sell XN85 parts OEM or aftermarket please email me so they can be added.

Gustafsson Plastics: Sells Windscreens

Clearview Shields: Sells Windscreens

Spec II: They sell a fork brace and adjustable clip-ons

Electrex: Stator Replacements

Raake: Custom Foot Pegs/Brackets

BB Bikes online ordering of Alternators/etc...

Cycle Parts: online ordering of OEM parts

Turbo Power: Turbo rebuild Co.

Bike Busters: sells a lot of parts including OEM Alternator

Shindy: Fork Seals and Engine Valves

Sudco: Fork Seals

Gear 4 Bikes: Tons of stock OEM parts to many to list. NGK Plugs, K&N Oil Filters etc... Stock OEM Parts has Tail Lights might have a lot more to much to list.

Sprocket Specialists: OEM and Custom Sprockets

Kosman Specialties: Makes Custom Rim and Widens Stock Rims

MotoDepot: K&N, NGK, Etc... 

Superdials: Custom Face plates for you Gauges.

Corbin: Custom Seats.

Sargent: Custom Seats.

Spiegler: Sells Custom Brake Lines.