Below are XN85 Turbo owners located all over the world. When submitting your Gallery posting tell us about your bike. What modifications have you done to the bike etc. If you already sent me your pictures but not the information its not to late I can always add it. I will post as many pictures of your bike as you send if you want me to.

Custom Black Paint job with aftermarket window shield and turn signals. This bike has really cool engine cylinder head covers. Colin Sedo "Colincuda" from Tustin, California Email: Colin Sedo


I bought the bike in the summer last year and it was driven about 18000km (19000km now). It is in a very great condition, totally original and works fine with except for the jamming wastegate. The bike is made 1984 but first used (registered) in 1986 Anders Fjällström Email:


Suzuki XN85 with only 4300 miles on the clock, Mine is still stock but one day soon I hope to find more power. Robert Fornwalt Email:

Like most motorcycle people, I love the bikes from one particular manufacturer. From the time I was 13, Suzuki has been my marque. Prior to that I had owned Honda dirt bikes until one time the chain popped off and jammed into the primary sprocket and stripped all but about 10 teeth from the transmission. It was probably my own fault, but I blamed Honda anyways and swore I'd never had another one.. (I was young :-) I had owned a three other Suzuki's prior to purchasing the turbo. In 1983 I had been married just one year, my wife had just finished college and the closest I would get to the turbo was a look at one in a show room, but I was hooked.

Several years later in 1986 I was looking to replace my existing ride. I'd looked at several new models, but I was still relatively broke so I started scrounging the used bike publications in the area. Nothing caught my eye. One day I was reading through the classified adds in the Toronto Sun and noticed a small add that advertised ``1983 Suzuki XN85 - $3,000 Call xxx-xxxx''. I immediately recognized the model. For most people they would not have had a clue why someone was asking $3,000 for a three year old 85cc motorcycle, since the numbers usually signified the engine size. I called the chap and went to see the bike that night.

My first trip on the unit was a blast. I went for a test drive of about 3 km which primarily consisted of a straight road out and a straight road back. By the time I was in second gear going for third I was over doing over 100 km/h - I had to have this bike. A couple of frantic calls to the bank the next morning, some negotiating with the owner, and the bike was mine for considerably less. I think he'd been trying to sell it for some time.

When I bought the bike there was barely 10,000 km on it. I replaced the rubber and the brakes and promptly turned it into my daily ride. For the next several years, from late April, through to October, I would ride it anywhere, rain or shine, and racked up an additional 17,000 km on it. The past 6 or 7 years have seen my usage drop to a little over 1,000 km a season. I know what I've got here and it is something that can't be replaced with a cookie cutter bike from today. Sure, the new sport bikes and even most of the cruisers have tonnes more horsepower, but they don't have the mystique associated with this bike. Maybe in a few years I'll retire it for good and bring it out only on perfect 22 degree sunny Sundays for a 50-60 km ride.

David Lowry Email:



Chip Whitaker of North Carolina bought this bike from Ebay and finally got it after several months of the owner not wanting to release the item after payment. Chip was almost not a proud owner of our pristine bike, thanks for hanging in there Chip it is well worth it. Email:



Timo Heiskanen is the proud owner of this bike from Finland. Timo has installed a nice luggage rack and custom exhaust header that looks close to stock. Still waiting on the exact details for the gallery so when we know you will know. Email:



Hello, my name is Sergio Chacon, I live in Guatemala, Central America. Let me to congratulate you for this amazing and complete XN85 Web site, actually I don't know other motorcycle web site that as good as this. I bought my first XN85 in 1989, and after an accident in 1996 couldn't use it any more.

In 1999, I found another XN85 in the Suzuki's dealer that didn't work and was almost new. I bought it to repair the one which already had. Fortunately I could repair both and now we enjoy great adventures my brother and I. Here in Guatemala only 5 or 6 of these motorcycles were imported.


Hello Robert and to all fans of the TURBO's! I have had the fortune to know Jan-Åke Pettersson personally but that unfortunately it is selling or it has sold its xn85. My XN85 is red and still working well.  Nicola Ciucci Stockholm Sweden Mileage: 39000 km