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Below are XN85 Turbo owners located in united States. When submitting your Gallery posting tell us about your bike. What modifications have you done to the bike etc. If you already sent me your pictures but not the information its not to late I can always add it. I will post as many pictures of your bike as you send if you want me to.

Tom Snow proud owner of two XN85's but has put his pristine Early Katana next to his Xn85 to show them off. You can tell the XN85 comes from the early Katana line. Email: otobaikichigai@earthlink.net Frame Numbers 100073 & 100244.


Custom Black Paint job with aftermarket window shield and turn signals. This bike has really cool engine cylinder head covers. Colin Sedo "Colincuda" from Tustin, California Email: Colin Sedo cbstahoe@yahoo.com


Suzuki XN85 with only 4300 miles on the clock, Mine is still stock but one day soon I hope to find more power. mark Wilson Email: mark@microram.comFrame Number 100249

Chip Whitaker of North Carolina bought this bike from Ebay and finally got it after several months of the owner not wanting to release the item after payment. Chip was almost not a proud owner of our pristine bike, thanks for hanging in there Chip it is well worth it. Email: chipw@defenderservices.com



John Ford john@siliconinsights.net Purchased from Alan Mayvar cycle shop outside of New Orleans in 1991. Wrecked in March 3rd 1993 and March 3rd 1994 (Omen huh?). The 93 wreck resulted in a 1988 600 Katana front end conversion which improved handling greatly. The 94 wreck resulted in the bike being garaged until 2001 when it was reconstructed from a salvaged XN85 for the Daytona 2001. Picture is of me and my girl at the time and my best friend Robert Mitchell (he is taking the picture with his brother-n-law and wife next to his bike) XN85 at the gas station on our way to the beach. Bike has 3 angle valve job, lower gasket removed for higher compression, 17 tooth front sprocket, spring on the wastegate for 12psi, handle bars on top of triple tree for my poor back, and a custom seat for more comfort (I am getting old I know). Bike is being restored to its original beauty so stayed tuned for new pictures.

Steve Klose turbosteve@earthlink.net Attached are three photos from a trip to West Point Robert Miller and I took in August of '97. One photo shows Miller on my XN in front of a war monument at West Point. Another shows my XN and Miller's Yamaha Turbo in front of the famous Red Apple Rest in Southfields, NY. The last shows me and the XN in Piermont, NY, famous at one time for it's ferry boat construction. The Last Picture is Steve at home standing in front of both his turbo bikes.


This is my 1983 Suzuki XN85. Produced only one year; turbo charged, fuel injected, transverse four. First street legal bike with 16 inch front wheel; first with monoshock suspension. Additions include Corbin gunfighter seat, Russell stainless braided brake lines, Napoleon mirrors, Dunlop 5591 Elites, and Profi adjustable handlebars. Though heavy and unbalanced by today's sportbike standards, this rascal is STILL a blast to ride! -- Claudia Christensen USA fracl@bikerider.com

Check out the new Suzuki Sign I bought for my house! Yeah since I love XN85's I want the garage to resemble a shrine dedicated to them. Notice my nice new "work bench", Garage of Robert Mitchell! robert@xn85turbo.com


Kelly Mitchell and Robert Mitchell, look at Kelly gock over her XN85. We took both bikes to the 2001 TMIOA Turbo Rally and one of the members got two very good pictures of us riding down the road following the river. The XN85 was bone stock except for a dial a boost (home made kit) and the clip-ons moved to the top of the triple tree for better reach. Look at that fine XN85 in the crowd of other turbos. Oh yeah that is my cruise missile GSX-R 1000. Both bikes were sold after that rally for different reasons and we are currently searching for another XN85 to replace her sold unit. I will add pictures of my XN85 Project beast once it is finished and repainted Spring 2003. robert@xn85turbo.com and kelly@xn85turbo.com



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