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Below are XN85 Turbo owners located in united Kingdom. When submitting your Gallery posting tell us about your bike. What modifications have you done to the bike etc. If you already sent me your pictures but not the information its not to late I can always add it. I will post as many pictures of your bike as you send if you want me to.

Tony Kilbryde toekill@blueyonder.co.uk comming soon!

I have this one:
frame 2100279
engine 100286
this was an import to the UK from California, I already had one xn85, but the idea of a pretty looking one was too much to resit, so I rode pillion from Kent to Blackpool, paid cash and rode it back the same day. Not without problems as it had been in the heat for years and some of the oil had turned to a hard gunge - the stuck on the starter rollers and I ended up with AA pushing me to start it at two consecutive service stations! It's off the road right now waiting for a turbo repair and I'm changing two of the valve shims as the clearance was a bit off. It went VERY well - especially with the stronger spring on the waste gate! This one is 100% original - except the tyres and new, non Suzuki, clutch plates. It had only been 700 miles when I bought it!
The other one has frame 00100520
engine 100905
this was registered in England 11-08-1983
This one is on the road, but is not as quick as it should be. It had a recondition to the turbo 2 years ago - but has never been as quick as the other one. This one has had much more wear - being used as daily transport for the last 6 years at least, I rode 1000 miles last week alone. I've just put new oil seals in the forks as they were flagged up as leaking 2 MOT's ago, I thought it would be a much harder job than it was. I have had the downpipes welded, and had to have another go myself at a few holes the other week, the colelctor box to turbo pipe is in pretty poor condition (I expect there is a leak somewhere, hence the lack of turbo performance).
Tony Turner (crrently own 4 XN85's)


Jonathan Saunders "Underdark" Custom Engine guards from an early GS. Frame Number #100521 (Sold)

Roger Wood at the 1998 Festival of 1000 Bikes, Brands Hatch. rogerwood2@beeb.net  Mine is frame number #100272: it was first registered (in the UK) in April 1984: it's entirely standard (with a genuine Suzuki accessory grab rail) and it's currently showing just under 20,000 miles.


Dave Barnes db@dreamchaser.fsnet.co.uk Registered as new March 1986 in Manchester Ė UK. Frame number #100270

It was found hiding at the back of a dealerís showroom having been stood for a couple of years (thatís all heís admitting to anyway!). When I looked at it, it was very dirty and tatty with a ripped seat cover and broken screen. It was fitted with a very noisy and illegal straight-through pipe but that was replaced by a modified, chrome Jama silencer and a Nonfango carrier. Iím not sure to what degree the rear suspension unit is working but it has a range of settings from very hard to ******* hard!! The only time that it really feels comfortable is when two-up.

Changes? Iíve replaced the standard screen with a tinted Ďflipí screen and fitted oversize Battlax BT45ís front and rear. Front is 110/90x16 and rear is 130/90x17. Other than that the bike is pretty standard...


Hello..............My name is Joe and I live in Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain.

In 1985 I bought a brand new Suzuki XN85D Turbo. Where I was suprised with the handling of the bike!
I did a trip from the U.K down to Portugal and this bike was a fantastic ride. I left this bike at my Fathers house when I came to Jersey in 1992. I saw advertised another Suzuki XN85D Turbo and purchased that one aswell. So that made two bikes that I owned. In 1996 I bought a THIRD Suzuki XN85D Turbo, which I had modified by a company in Coventry, to increase the output to 220 bhp. I started racing with this bike doing hill climbs and sprints, getting a record in my class of 10.32 seconds! Very quick indeed..................

Last year I purchased ANOTHER!! Suzuki XN85D Turbo, now being my fourth bike. One bike is used for racing and three for the road, all standard factory colours apart from the race bike, as you can see by the photo's below. They are all very quick but also very heavy, not that brilliant on hill climbs.