Finland Members

Below are XN85 Turbo owners located in Finland. When submitting your Gallery posting tell us about your bike. What modifications have you done to the bike etc. If you already sent me your pictures but not the information its not to late I can always add it. I will post as many pictures of your bike as you send if you want me to.

Janne Arola from Oulu, Finland Looks like it has a Two Brothers Exhaust Canister on it.

(frame Number 100070)

Mikko from Finland I took also a picture from bike where you can see last summer installed Kappa luggage rack. I went yesterday (12-22-02) with my brother to my parents garage to take pictures and to start up bikes for the first time after September - my brother has 2000 model GSX750F, guess which one started at the first ignition, XN of course - with that other bike we had to do some work to get it started.



Mika Nurmi : Vantaa, Finland

Bike mods are: K&N cone filter, manual boost controller, 2" exhaust + empty muffler. Oil- ,fuel-, & brakehoses are "steeltwisted" teflonhoses. " Front brace" = keeps front shocks tight ( near fender ), made by micron and from unknown Yamaha. Windscreen is Suzuki 1200 bandit. Luggage rack is made from Kappa, mostly from a ZZR 600. Engine is weak, but it doesnt burn oil anymore, because now I use 20/50 Penzoil mineral oil, I had Repsoil semi-syntetic 10/40, but I had to put more oil to engine once in a week.



Timo Heiskanen is the proud owner of this bike from Finland. Timo has installed a nice luggage rack and custom exhaust header that looks close to stock. Still waiting on the exact details for the gallery so when we know you will know. Email: