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Below are XN85 Turbo owners located in Australia. When submitting your Gallery posting tell us about your bike. What modifications have you done to the bike etc. If you already sent me your pictures but not the information its not to late I can always add it. I will post as many pictures of your bike as you send if you want me to.

I have just been lucky enough to buy an xn85 ,one owner bike with 21,000Klm's on it.I have already found your site useful,with the tech tip on freeing up the waste gate.I live in Sth Australia and would not be surprised if i have the only XN85 in the state.

Cheers Anton...

Robert here’s a photo of my XN85. Since I bought it ($1750AU) I have had to replace the sprockets and chain ($500AU) It is in generally fair condition and in need of some tlc. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to restore it to original. I do have enough paint to give it a quick coat of Violet Crumble (do you have them over there) purple though. I will have more photos on my personal web site if you wish to see how its progress. At the moment it is doing 100k’s a day taking me to and from work so it may be a while before I take it of the road for the re-spray. Has a total of 57000k’s on the clock. Feel free to copy the photo’s from my web site onto yours or send some of your traffic my way at . Check out my other bike while your there.

 Your web site rocks,

 Purplefatboy (Dion) Australia


Keith Sylvester Coming soon!!!

This bike was located in a shed, where it has been stored under covers for the last 14 years, it has travelled only 69000kms and is in generally tidy condition, the motor is OK but does need some attention as it doesnt idle very well, I suspect that is due to the fact it hadnt been started for a long time. All the electrics work, the seat is undamaged, the front tyre is good, the rear tyre is average, the muffler is missing. Colin Aish Email: